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Fastest lumber scanner in the world

Fastest lumber scanner in the world




AKD Softwoods

AKD starts up worldwide fastest lumber scanner Goldeneye 800

«To upgrade the dry mill at Colac site is a very important milestone not only for the company but also for the community given that we are the largest sawmilling company in Victoria and the biggest employer in the region,» says AKD CEO Shane Vicary.


A brand new Goldeneye 800 scanner has been installed at AKD Softwoods in Colac, Victoria. With a special heavy-duty design for high speed scanning, the scanner works in full production at a feeding speed of 1.200 meters per minute. Featuring the most advanced in house developed technology such as innovative low power generation X-ray, the scanner identifies all external and internal wood defects. Next generation cameras and sensors developed in-house at Microtec assure highest performance and recovery in touchless grading. The structural framing is produced according to the AS/NZS1748 Standards out of Radiata Pine grown in sustainable plantations. Goldeneye complies with those Standards and makes machine grading profitable, providing added value to the wide range of products.


AKD also installed Microtec’s lumber tracking solution ID Scan, which traces every single board through the production process. A Microtec Viscan Strength Grader has been placed after the scanner. This strength grading system determines reliably the MOE of lumber. Together with the moisture meter M3 Scan all data is sent to the Goldeneye for final evaluation.

»We are proud to have a competent partner like Microtec at our side to take care that all the steps of the project are worked out with highest commitment and success«

Shane Vicary

CEO at AKD Softwoods