MiCROTEC - Grading according to official standards

Grading according to official standards

Grading according to official standards




Derome Byggvaror & Träteknik AB

Goldeneye 700 scanner grades according standards

At the beginning of 2015 a new Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner Goldeneye 700 with X-ray was integrated in the Dimter chopping line at Derome Timber, Vedigge, Sveden. This scanner performs strength grading according to official standards at highest feeding speed rates. The X-ray based scanner recognizes the position of defects and transfers all the data to the subsequent evaluation units. The use of X-ray technology provides always correct grading results and a constant quality, leading to an up valuation of lumber. 


M3 Scan, the accurate moisture meter works without contact at highest feeding rates, regardless of the wood species and the ambient conditions. The data evaluation software developed by Microtec grants the highest added value respecting individual quality grades and specific configurations of the machine.

»Previously we sorted stress grading with equipment that assessed the whole piece. With Goldeneye we can determine the stress grading per section of the piece. This allows us to remove the inferior parts and piece together the rest of prime products«

Per Andersson

Head of Production at Derome Timber