MiCROTEC - Norra Timber measures wood moisture according to EU standards

Norra Timber measures wood moisture according to EU standards

Norra Timber measures wood moisture according to EU standards




Norra Timber

Norra Group is one of the major wood processing companies in Sweden

With M3 Scan, Norra efficiently measures and sorts boards depending on their moisture content. Since 2013, the moisture content has been measured according to EU standards EN 14080:2013 (glued laminated timber, Duo/Trio), EN 15497:2014 (finger jointed solid timber) and EN 16351:2015 (cross laminated timber). Especially for glulam, the moisture content of the single parts have to amount between 7% and 18%, whereas the moisture difference between the single parts have to be <5%. These values are examined by Microtec’s moisture measurement M3 Scan and have to be at least 2% accurate. This prove of accuracy is also generated by Holzforschung Austria in a test report which is valid for spruce and fir.

One of the latest installations of M3 Scan with EU certification EN 15497:2014 stands in Norra Timber in the Sävar sawmill (Sweden). The lamella there exit the new kilns, their moisture content is tested by M3 Scan in transverse transport and they get sorted by Viscan into C24 to C30 stress grades. Afterwards they are finger-jointed up to a length of 12m.

At the production site in Sävar, the kilns often caused jams during the production process. According to quality manager Johan Fredriksson, the new kilns installed in August 2015 considerably increase the efficiency of the plant. 

M3 Scan moisture meter from Microtec provides a great technological advantage by automatically compensating the width of the lamellas. The calibration of different dimensions is done once during the installation, so it is not necessary to calibrate each dimension separately, within the production. Furthermore, the raw density has no impact on the measuring result.

Norra Group's broad spectrum of products includes first-class products for construction and carpenter works. Its main target markets are Sweden, North Africa, the United Kingdom and Norway. Furthermore, also the rest of Europe and Asia rank among the target markets. The processed lumber mainly comes from the woods of the Norbotten, Västerbotten and Ångermanland regions. 70,000 m³ boards are planed on a planer line. The company generates products of high quality controlled by FSC. Furthermore, it is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PEFC.

»The annual volume capacity increases from 180,000 to 210-215,000 m³. The storage period of the timber gets shorter and therefore the timber keeps its high quality. You can also be more flexible on the market. Microtec’s solutions as well contribute to this yield and the increase in value by adjusting its installations precisely to our production«

Johan Fredriksson

Quality manager at Norra Timber