MiCROTEC - Twin Pack of Goldeneye

Twin Pack of Goldeneye

Twin Pack of Goldeneye




Poppensieker & Derix

The Derix group is a timber construction company with focus on constructive glued timber construction. As an owner-managed family business with more than 200 employees and operating sites in Niederkrüchten and Westerkappeln, Derix is an established expert and one of the market leaders in the industry, always attaching great importance to further development.


In order to increase production capacities decisively and to react sustainably to the increased demand, this year Derix built an additional X-LAM production hall at the Westerkappeln site with two conforming, brand new X-LAM 2.0 production lines for the production of tailor-made cross laminated timber.


In recent months, the 15,000m² hall has been successively equipped with state-of-the-art technology: "We have put a lot of know-how into the selection and composition of our new, innovative machinery" explains Markus Derix, Managing Partner of the Derix Group. "After all, the quality and efficiency of a production line depends on the high quality and reliability of the machines, which must be perfectly matched to each other".


This is exactly where Microtec comes into play. For each of the two new X-LAM production lines, a Goldeneye 702, a certified quality scanner for machine strength determination and visual quality determination, was installed. The decisive factor for a maximum yield is the possibility of cutting out defects in the boards.


An Endscan system was used in each transverse transport to detect the bowl. In addition to the Goldeneye, an M3 Scan for fast and precise determination of the wood moisture as well as a Warpscan, which detects possible shape deviations (twist, curvature in thickness and curvature in width) in the board, are installed in the longitudinal passage.


The recorded moisture and curvature profile is passed on to the Goldeneye scanners, which carry out the overall optimization of the board and transmit the cutting and quality data of the respective boards directly to the cross-cut saws. Thus an automatic quality and strength grading for the cross-laminated timber (CLT) is carried out on both production lines. In addition, two identical production lines with identical quality sorting plants have the great advantage of being able to produce continuously and to guarantee continuous performance and flexibility.


Already in 2015, Derix installed a Microtec Goldeneye 706 Multi-Sensor Quality scanner for mechanical strength grading for glulam production at the Westerkappeln plant and was extremely satisfied with the results. The combination with other Microtec scan solutions permits high-precision measurement, which in turn enables optimized solutions to be passed on to the saws, thus ensuring fully automated production.


The use of the Goldeneye 700 Series board scanners greatly improves quality optimization for classification, cross-cutting and grading, as the certified strength scanners detect and locate every detail in the dried lumber. Thus, in combination with the Microtec scanning solutions mentioned above, complete quality control of the goods is guaranteed.

»When selecting the machinery, it was important to us to use state-of-the-art technology and we attached particular importance to the reliability of the machines. We work exclusively with renowned premium manufacturers - always with the aim of being able to react flexibly and efficiently to customer wishes and market requirements at all times. For this reason, we chose Microtec for the selection of our sorting systems. We have already had good experiences with Microtec's scanner solutions in the past and it was therefore obvious to rely again on the know-how of the Brixen-based company for the two new X-LAM production lines.«

Markus Derix

Managing Partner of the Derix Group