MiCROTEC - Success at LIGNA 23: Showcasing Excellence in Woodworking
June 19, 2023

Success at LIGNA 23: Showcasing Excellence in Woodworking

Two strategic exhibition stands for MiCROTEC, connected by one topic in particular: a unique fingerprint solution, i.e., the traceability of wood – from the log to the final product.
Success at LIGNA 23: Showcasing Excellence in Woodworking

This year at the LIGNA tradeshow in Hannover, we presented not only our product portfolio on two exhibition stands but in addition to our scanning solutions. We focused on one particular topic: The unique fingerprint solution.

Connecting the world of wood - from the log to the final product

MiCROTEC Connect is the name of MiCROTEC’s fingerprint solution, which is based on log data gathered by a CT Log scanner. Thanks to MiCROTEC’s integrated scanner, software solutions, and the implemented AI platform, each log can be traced from virtual to real boards. This is done by comparing virtual boards (before sawing) to real ones (after sawing). Furthermore, each board can be traced back to the original log it was cut out of, meaning that it can be identified during each production phase.
This unique revolutionary concept has now been extended by several scanners, such as the lineal Goldeneye scanner, Logeye Stereo, and Finscan, as well as to the secondary processing area.

LIGNA provided us with a unique platform to demonstrate the remarkable capabilities of our solutions. On site, we were doing live MiCROTEC Connect tours to let the industry experts and enthusiasts alike experience how MiCROTEC solutions are connected together to follow the product from the log-up to the final product.

QC Assist makes its debut in Europe

Introducing QC Assist, the powerful quality control and reporting tool MiCROTEC Connect offers. Designed to enhance grading accuracy and recovery, revolutionizing the lumber evaluation process by boosting efficiency end ensuring high-quality assessments. With seamless integration with the scanner system, users can verify and document specific boards of interest during the quality control QC process. This advanced tool strengthens the connection between our clients and MiCROTEC's customer care and grading support, enabling smoother communication and optimized grading performance.

As we reflect on our achievements at LIGNA, we express our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited our booths and contributed to our success, and remain steadfast in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and shaping the future of wood processing.

If you have missed a chance to visit MiCROTEC live at LIGNA, enjoy watching our latest videos and browse through the image gallery:


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