MiCROTEC - Woodeye Wide
Pure Precision

Pure Precision

Woodeye multi-sensor quality scanner combines scattering laser, 3D laser, color, X-ray and Hyperspectral to assure the highest precision grading and classification.

Produce exactly what you need

Produce exactly what you need

Our 2D rip optimization provides the opportunity to position the desired products on the board while considering the required quantities to be produced. Decisions include product dimensions as well as the best side of the lumber to use for each product.

Powered by MiCROTEC Ai

Powered by MiCROTEC Ai

Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning AI) is integrated into all quality scanners from log to finished board. The AI knowledge of all MiCROTEC companies is merged into the MiCROTEC Ai platform, raising the possibilities of Deep Learning AI in the wood industry to a completely new level.

Award winning design

Award winning design

MiCROTEC has been proclaimed as one of the winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 for the Industry Sector. Their design represents a concentration of sophisticated high technology that allows quickly collecting thousands of images of the scanned boards. The shape of the Goldeneye and Woodeye scanners represents iconographically a big electronic eye.

Overview chart


  • 3D Laser
  • Scattering Laser
  • Color
  • X-ray
  • Hyperspectral

Technical Data

  • Width up to 750 mm (29.5")
  • Thickness up to 90 mm (3.54")
  • Speed up to 450 m/min (1500FPM)


  • Ripping
  • Grading
  • Trimming
  • Edging
  • Sorting


  • MiCROTEC Connect


  • Simulation suite
  • Warp profile

Woodeye Models

Woodeye Rip

  • Laser
  • Color
  • X-Ray
  • Speed up to 300m/min (984FPM)
  • Edging, Ripping

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